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The with a great source of energy that actually loves to burn but only when the body has been primed to Burnet fact as it is when you're following the three-week diet now again the problem with most diets out there is that they don't address or target that stored body fat instead they are designed to burn up only the fatty acids from the foods we eat and preventing them from turning into triglycerides in the first place so without adding additional that to the body and by forcing you to participate in a very strange US exercise program you can effectively still lose weight the problem is that the weight just comes off very slowly and this is what makes the three-week diets so unique the 3 week diet not only stops your body from forming new triglycerides it also directly targets the stubborn body fat that you already have while forcing your body to burn that fat for all of its daily energy needs quite simply what takes most diets two to three months to accomplish the 3 week diet gets done in just 21 days now I probably don't need to tell you that the key to weight loss is maximizing the number of hours each day that your body is burning fat with the 3 week diet you will no longer be burning fat for just one to two hours each day.


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